Team BlackSheep - Serious Toys

Team BlackSheep also known as TBS was founded out of passion for FPV. Their goal is to inspire people around the world to try this innovative hobby. They are regarded as one of the leading forces of a community-driven, DIY drone scene that is rapidly gaining traction all across the globe. Their videos are testimony to a well-balanced setup and they pass on their knowledge through the products they offer.

DALPROP Fold Series 5.1"


5.1” FOLDING Design, easier Transport
More Durable & Safe, Fold on Impact
Different colors, DIY your props
Super Smooth and High Efficiency
No Vibration, No Prop Wash
POPO System


More information will be soon. 


Using the GoPro’s gyro data instead of traditional image analysis means near-flawless results on virtually any shot.