Paul Nurkkala

Paul Nurkkala, the 2018 DRL Allainz World Champion of drone racing, has built a career out of using small drones combined with GoPros and ReelSteady. Not only does he have a passion for the hobby and career of high performance drones, but loves to spend time building, flying, and creating new content.

Steele Davis

Hi my name is Steele Davis, I come from Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. I am a part of small community That enjoys the art of freestyle drone flying. First person view drone flying is the most exciting thing you can do with your feet on the ground. 

Riccardo Sic Wolf – organizer

Riccardo is a freelance photographer, editor and colourist based in Milan, Italy. His passion for audiovisuals keeps him continuously improving his game to deliver the best possible result. FPV is what actually convinced him to make the jump from photography to videomaking. He loves this hobby, for it changed his life.

Gabriele Vinci – organizer

Filmmaker and enterpreneur, as worked as executive for SKY TV Italy and as consultant for key companies like Audi, BMW and Ferrari.

Simone Castagna – organizer

CST is a young pilot from Italy. His passion for mountains led him to constantly look for new unique ways to capture the beautiful sceneries he visit, and so to Fpv drones. Despite being mainly focused on long range flights, he’s now expanding his horizons into cinematic fpv, applying all the knowledge that he got during his 2 years of flying to achieve the best shots possible.

Elod Juhasz – director

Elod is young FPV pilot from Hungary, who founded the RSGo championship and directed the event. He is administrator in Reelsteady users group on facebook.